Helping you through unprecedented times.

At The Appraised, our primary goal is to help you through this unsettling time. We’re here to help you take the necessary steps to ensure you and your family have the relief you need until things return to normal. We will continue to update you as lenders provide us information and we collect helpful resources.
Please remember that these are challenging times for all Canadians. We, along with our leading partners, are working extremely hard to try to provide all clients with first-class service and to help those borrowers who are being adversely impacted by COVID-19.

Things to know.

  1. There are several options and programs available to you.
  2. Not all Canadians are eligible for all programs, so it’s best to get in touch with us.
  3. No lender will forgive your mortgage payment. However, you may qualify for a deferred mortgage payment program.
  4. Genuine financial hardship may need to be demonstrated to qualify for some programs. Be sure to follow the steps below so we can assess your needs accurately.
  5. If you’re going to miss a mortgage payment contact your lender immediately. Be honest and communicate diligently.
  6. If you own rental properties there are options available to you. Follow the steps below and contact us immediately.

Understand your expenses.

The first step is understanding your expenses and a monthly budget. We need to understand how much money you require each month to determine the path that’s best suited to you. It is essential to understand all of your monthly costs, well beyond just your regular mortgage payment.
Our goal is to make sure you can carry on with life without any sacrifices.

Review your budget.

Now that we’ve reviewed your budget and expenses let’s take a deeper dive to better understand the big picture. In addition to the monthly payments, summarize your total debt balances for your current mortgage as well as any other loans you may have.
Our mortgage experts will help you create two plans:
  1. A short-term plan for the next 6-12 months
  2. A long-term plan to help you once your back to work and things are normal again.

Put your plan into action.

It’s time to finalize your plan and put it into action! Your personally tailored COVID-10 Relief Plan will cover your monthly expenses in the short-term and ensure your payments stay the same as they do now when things return to normal. In some cases, we’re actually able to reduce your current total monthly payments when things to get back to normal.

Things are going to be okay.

Congratulations, you’ve done the right thing, consulted an expert and taken the necessary steps to ensure a prosperous future. Our experts will do everything possible to find unique ways to improve your rates, consolidate payments, reduce your risk, and provide more flexibility. Let’s work together to make the most of these trying times and improve your financial future.