Alternative Financing

At the Appraised Financial Group Ltd. our team has a wide range of clients from all backgrounds and scenarios. We specialize in providing customized options for our clients which range from credit repair programs, assisting with income structuring, equity building for refinances, debt consolidations, and short term loans. When alternative financing or a more creative type solution is needed for our clients, we continue to work with them over the course of the term to assist them with an exit strategy and work toward their future goals.

Home Equity Loan

A loan based on your home equity, not your income or credit


A Stated Income Mortgage is a great alternative for people with unverifiable income types.

Private Lending

Private lenders offer mortgages that often fill gaps between the banks and other lenders


B-Lenders offer mortgages with rates that fall between the banks and private lenders

Foreclosure Financing

Foreclosure Financing allows homeowners to refinance or reinstate their mortgage

Construction & Commercial

There are more options than you think! We work with a number of Alternative lenders to find creative solutions

No Income Mortgage

Lost your job? A No Income Mortgage may be the right solution for you

Second Mortgage

A Second Mortgage is a great way to gain access to additional funds without refinancing your first mortgage

Mobile Home

We Alternative Mortgage solutions for you

Bad Credit Mortgage

Available to homeowners with enough home equity

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